Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I've done so far on my vacation

It's Wednesday and haven't done too much on vacation to-do list. Let's see if my list is getting any shorter. [I won't mention the previous Satuday and Sunday--too crabby]
-worked for WG at the restaurant
-baked bread pudding, red velvet cupcakes and chocolate mocha cupcakes [this is still in progress waiting for my chocolate frosting to firm up before I pipe it on the cupcake]
-cleaned the first floor of the house
-scheduled lunch with friend and icp
-made strawberry ice cream for me and WG to have @ home
-got a new tire for my truck [the 4th tire this year and 1 year before. My commute is hell]

-making my appt for hair cut and massage
-making cheesecake [I'm hoping I can get two done, one to freeze]
-find my upholstery webbing for the tote bag [I hope I didn't throw this out in one my get rid of crap days]
-layout my dress for cutting
-vacuum upstairs

-lunch in NYC
-show @ icp
-learn how to twitter with style

-haircut and massage
-farmer's market
-start twittering [Yes, I've decided to do this for the restaurant--who knew I had this much to say, 2 blogs, 2 facebooks and now twitter. I'm so tired]

Let's see how much more I get done. Stay tune! Hope to post some pictures of the chocolate mocha cupcakes on Cafe Bua blog and fb. [for me, this is my kind of cupcake]

By the way, green highlight text in brackets, [was blue before but conflicted with the links color] is sort me talking out loud to myself, adding more information or rambling. Maybe a sign of being crazy! :)

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