Monday, July 9, 2012


Just heard this story on NPR about an manju shop in seattle that inspired this post.

This is slowly becoming an obsession of mine. Like jam, I'll probably start making batch after batch of manju or mochi till I get it right. That's why I got the bread making machine from a friend of mine to try and make mochi with it. Still have make some up maybe in a week or two. 

Here's a giant pan of chi chi dango that made up for girl's day. Still not just right. Shared it with people from work. Not everyone like the gooey texture. They just don't know what they are missing. Yum!
Girl's Day Chi Chi Dango

I've also tried making an for the restaurant. I didn't like the first recipe, taste was good but texture was dry. Looking for something a little more moist. I have found another recipe, maybe this week after my jam and cookie making. 

Here's picture of some an pan that I made with parents. I cheated bought can an but mixed it with some apple filling I made up. Still needs some work but the bread had a nice flavor with a nice texture.
1st attempt @ an pan

Maybe one day I'll have shop like his making manju for the people of NJ or maybe by that time, I'll be back HI. :)

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