Friday, September 14, 2012

Sheep, Llamas, Alpacas, Bunnies and more

herding sheep demo 1
Last Sunday i was off to spend the day @ the NJ Sheep and Fiber Festival in Ringoes, NJ. It was beautiful Sunday [after and crazy rainy Saturday] looking at sheep, llamas, alpacas, bunnies and lots of fiber. It's much smaller that the one Rhinebeck, NY but it was fun, comfortably crowded and a lot shorter drive . 
Dragged a friend with me, who I planned to see all summer long and I finally stuck to a date. She's always passing on cool knitting links. It was nice day to catch up and relax.

The picture at the top is a border collie demonstration of herding sheep. Not sure where the dog is, though.

I just got a new camera [from our last vacation] but I'm still bad at taking it out taking pictures. I got a few of some sheep and bunnies. Wish I took some of the vendors but I do have some of pictures of what I got. Wasn't intending to buy anything but after i felt and learn about the 3 items i bought I was sold. Even my friend who isn't the biggest knitter got some alpaca and a pattern for herself. Sooooooo soft. Here's my pictures.

crazy horns
Of course, I didn't see the name of the sheep but it's horns and great b/w spotting is why I took it's picture.

looks like teddy bear sheep
Kind look like a ewok or teddy bear.

white angora rabbit
Angora rabbit. It was hoppy about when you got close to the cage. It was for sale, $150. We were trying to persuade a grandpa to get it for his granddaughter because she was so in love with them. He laughed and said "maybe for $15, I would. "

New Stash
Local NJ yarn that has been hand dyed with natural dyes. This one used lichen. Not the softest wool, but for a winter hat it will be great to keep you head warm. I'm hoping it will soften up with wear. Buy Local!

How could I pass this up--665 yards of the softest alpaca. All I could think about was how cozy I would be with this alpaca wrapped around me. looking for a wrap or cowl pattern to make with it. I think I've found something on ravelry.

There was a button vendor selling vintage buttons. Got the blue and yellow ones for some baby gifts I'm making and the black ones for a cardigan I've been hope to make for myself [postive thinking].The Button Lady said that they buy button collections and put these cards together after they sort and wash the buttons. She had all kinds of buttons. 

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