Thursday, September 6, 2012

I've been a little antsy

and feel like a need a change. For now, it's a just a template change, more of a clean look for the time being. I'm hoping I can find some time to learn more html/css to make this more of me, not some right out of the can. 

Sharing 2 posts that thought you may like:

Frosting colors from a basic box of food coloring
Haven't been making cake too much these days. And most of the frosting has been cream cheese but one day this may come in handy when I need that perfect shade of peach for special cupcake.

No Cook Refrigerator Oatmeal
Been trying to eat more healthy these days and lately my breakfast has been oatmeal with yogurt, dried fruit and a dollop of my homemade jam. It's a gooey messy but delicious and filling. This post is almost exactly what I'm eating but not cooking my oatmeal first. And they mention Chia seeds. Just read about it in "Born to Run". I think I may have to try this. 

And a picture of my tomato jam. Took a long time for these 6 little jars. But I think that what makes a perfect gift--something homemade with a lots of love. Sweet and a little bit of spice. Hope everyone enjoys them.


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