Saturday, June 22, 2013

Just got inspired . . .

from "Let us now praise garter stitch blanket" post from Mason-Dixon Knitting, to make up a blanket with yarn scraps that I obsessively save [hoarder-tendencies that I'm trying to break]. I hope this doesn't turn into my 20 year blanket project. I think it will be a fun blanket of these stripe-y panels of assorted crazy colors. I want to make it for a queen size bed or at least cover the top. I think it would look great. 

Garter stitch proto
I started a prototype to see if I like it. Here's what it looks like so far. That's one of my bags of scrap yarn in the back. I was watching Prime Suspect with Jane Mirren [Ioved the Prime Suspect with Maria Bello on nbc,but of course they cancel it] on Nexfilx as I was knitting it up. Kind of a good way to catch up on shows that I missed and get some knitting done.

I don't know if you can see the scrap bag too well. I probably will have to organize the scraps a bit--in color combinations that I like. I probably need a base color to tie all together.  But . . . organizing will kind of kill my color concept [in my head] for this blanket of just letting it happen. Most of the scraps of yarn I bought so I should like the colors. So what the hell, I'm just going for it. I think I'm only going to organize by fiber. I want this a wool or wool blend blanket. This will be my project for neflix marathons or while a wait for something to come out of the oven. Mindless but with a goal. 

Something not mindless, is knitting a sweater. I've wanting to start a sweater for myself this summer but I'm getting so distracted by so many other things . . . making a cowl in yarn that I don't really like . . .  how many neck things does a girl need. But I do need an easy-ish project to bring on vacation with me that doesn't take too much room in my bag and I just saw a pattern I could use that skein I've had for years . . . Oh no, not another one.

But in the meantime . . . I'll try to finish up that cowl and a bunny I've been making [so late] for gift. I wanted make up a skirt to go with the bunny but at this rate I'll never get it out. [I'm even worst at mailing packages out]

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