Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Summer Vacation--Part 2: Rocky Mountain National Park

I think I keep this short and sweet. We have a fun time RMNP. Altitude was intense, that's why we end up at the Cub Lake trail. But wasn't disappointed. At the end of trail a beautiful lake with duckling swimming by and tons of dragonflies.

Here's a links to the RMNP sest in flickr:

Trail Ridge Road:

Old Fall River Road:

Cub Lake Trail

Okay, okay. One little story to make you laugh.

Yes, WG donned the crazy costume for pictures.

Let me set the scene, the parking area was packed, both sides of the road. I could only hope that the parking area would clear out soon so people would stare. In the background, I could hear screaming and laughing from a group of Chinese tourists who were across the road.

So WG gets all dressed up and crosses the road to poise on the stone wall. There was a car parked right next to where he was going to poise. WG said take a lot of pictures from all angles as he readies he's mask. Right then the driver of the car walks up to get in and does a double take at WG. He looked very confused.

But right at the exact moment the crazy tourists decide to cross the road--did I mention their inappropriate hiking outfits--tight high black patent leather stilettos boots with short shorts--screaming and laughing and stopping traffic. That enough time to distract the driver and for me to get all the pictures I could to make the lone ranger happy.

That poor driver. He must think he maybe getting a little light headed from altitude because all the asians he's encountering in the park are dressed for costume party.

Here's the Lone Ranger on Trail Ridge Road. High-Ho, Silver! Away!

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