Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tomorrow's Lunch and beyond

I've been really good at bring my lunch and sometimes breakfast to work most days. And with my new eating routine, I've been trying to cook healthier. I've been wanting to make Curried Lentils and Sweet Potatoes from for a while. Probably would have been better to make it when the weather was cooler. But making it now, I have the swiss chard from my garden.

As always at the beginning of a new recipe, I always think I have all the ingredients. This time I checked before and even went out to get what I was missing. Oh well, I guess I still have vacation brain.

Not enough sweet potato--added 1 regular potato
Forgot the curry powder from the restaurant--used the vindaloo powder instead and eliminated the jalapeno, thought it would be spicy enough
No cilantro--used flat leaf parsley from my garden instead
Too lazy to go out and get tamari almonds--use this savory nut topping that I picked and TJ's to try. Can't remember where I read about but at least I get to use it.

I didn't cook it as long as the recipe said because I used small lentil and they cooked up much quicker. I think I could have added a little more vindaloo powder but I think I should wait to see what how the taste develops when I eat it for lunch.

It makes enough for at least 6 servings. I packed away 2 serving in the freezer. 1 for lunch today, 1 my nephew at for his dinner last night and 2 more for the next two day's lunches. I hope I don't get too sick of it by then. Next up is on my savory cooking list: Portuguese sausage empanadas/hand pies with the last of the Portuguese sausage from Hawaii. Here's a couple of pictures. I never remember to get pictures of the ingredients and the beginning steps.

Cooking lentils and potatoes with spices and broth

Chopped swiss chard from my garden

Loved the color when I added the swiss chard

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