Sunday, October 19, 2014

Feeling kind of make-y

Been making stuff like crazy. Going from one project to the next. And a lot of ripping out in between.  Most projects are one-off. I've been taking bits and pieces of patterns that I like to come up with something of my own. 

That's how my red ombr√© slouchy hat took form. The yarn: scraps from 7 projects; the pattern: I used from my the rib from my favorite slouchy hat, the Wurm, shorten it by half and instead of the purling, I knitted all the way working the different yarns into the ombre. I had the most of the burnt orange which I ended with. I added a partial row of darkish red of thick/thin yarn because I like the feel of the yarn and thought it gave the hat a little interest. 

I'm going to have a hard time letting this one go.
It really came out great, the ombre is so beautiful. After a soak and some blocking, it's soft and slouchy as I wanted it to be. 

Oh! By the way, I'm working my way to opening a etsy shop to sell my goods. Most of the knitted items are one-off using yarn from stash during my stash busting year. Also thinking of sewing up pouches and totes from my fabric stash. I have a lot of vintage fabric that I should start using up. Need to figure out a name--I'm leaning towards a suggestion from a friend--aprilMADE. I'm trying to launch by end of Oct/beginning of Nov to try and get some holiday shoppers. Stay tune.

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