Sunday, April 26, 2015

Working off my breakfast

of Mochi Waffles. I did a hour on my mini stepper watching Sunday Morning. Got to work off the carbs but at least it was with kinako--soy bean powder to add a little bit of protein to it. 

I saw a post on Lucky Peach on FB about Poly-Grain Mochi Waffles that I wanted to try with the mochi that my mom sends me for my good luck new year's day mochi soup. 

I'm so lucky my hoarder sensibility made me keep this old waffle make we picked up a flea market. The plates are removable to wash and the hinge are bit adjustable to it help with the hard froze cubes of mochi it put in. It also has temperature gauge from low to high I thought it was nice.
heating up waffle maker
After I heated the waffle maker up, I coated the plates with butter and tossed in the mochi. I wasn't sure how long it would take, so I kept opening to check. 
early in the procces
As it cooked the mochi puffed up more and more and the indent got deeper.
all done
I dressed the waffles with kinako. It's my favorite topping on mochi. I love the slightly sweet roasted nut flavor. I add a little sugar and a pinch of salt to the kinako. It was great, crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. I'm definitely doing this again. Maybe when my parents come up for a visit. If you have waffle maker and some mochi hanging around, this is worth the try.
can't wait to try it!

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