Friday, April 17, 2015

Stash busting continues

Had a day to myself this past weekend. Should have gone outside to enjoy the sunshine and get some exercise but instead I decided to stay inside and get some finishing work done on projects that have been waiting for me. 

This was a treat to myself for surviving a much stressful week with finishing up my tax prep and a mammogram visit. Just me, my projects and binge watching Orphan Black

Started off finishing off a farmers market net bag. Using scrap cotton yarn, I made bright blue, white, orange and red bag. Use Grrlfriend Market bag by Laura Spradlin. Easy pattern, great looking bag. Thinking of making up another (maybe more) out of some brown cotton that I adopted. Not the nicest color but thinking I may try dyeing an ombre navy over the brown. 

bright and happy and can't wait for the farmers market goods

Remember commute project #2: Seed Stitch Pouch. I added the zipper, lining and zipper pull. Here's a couple of pics of the process.

hand stitching in the pink zipper
zipper in, now to pick out the lining. purple?
or pink with flowers
pink with flowers all pinned in
Wish I added a pocket in the lining but thought about after I got halfway into stitching the lining. Live and learn the next pouch will have one. 

Decided to add some magenta top stitching at the top edge of the lining and the knitted edge of the pouch. Plus I used a one of the crocheted button I made with my Koigu scraps as the button pull. This is a pretty big pouch. More like a clutch. Once I'm totally finish, I'll post that picture of the finish project. Hopefully this weekend. 

I'm also trying to finish up a crocheted basket made with plastic bag strips. Cute little basket. Will try and make basket with t-shirt yarn. I guess this is a the life of an upcycler. 

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