Friday, February 22, 2013

I survive the making of 100+


To be exact 101 cupcakes for office event, 15 macarons [dumped almost a full batch. I had no patience left to gently remove from the slipat sheet because they were slightly overmixed and underdone again and kept cracking. Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!] and 1 batch of cupcakes for the restaurant's valentine sweets. Pictured above are the 101,  pre-frosting and filled, waiting to get all dolled up for the big event.

I end up making red velvet, blackberry jam, chocolate, strawberry and earl grey cupcakes for the office event. And for the restaurant, I made raspberry/buttercream and lemon curd/buttercream macarons and espresso chiffon cupcakes with fudgy frosting. 

The earl grey was the favorite at the office. I filled that with homemade meyer lemon curd and top it with cream cheese frosting.  

Here's some pictures of cupcakes all dolled up for the party
101-strawberry 101-earl grey 101-chocolate 101-blackberry 101-red velvet

And for the restaurant, well it wasn't as busy as last year, [Could it be because we promoted too late. This what happens when you have too many jobs and all of them crazy busy and stressful at the same time. Okay, I'll stop complaining now] and I couldn't tell what people like--I think most people were surprise to get a sweet from us and were happy to get something.

What I liked was the espresso chiffon cupcakes with the fudgy frosting. They actually aren't the most beautiful looking cupcake because the shrink as they cool but the flavor is so intense and combine with the fudgy frosting it was a perfect little sweet.  I had enough batter and frosting to make a mini layer cake for me and WG. I got the recipe searching for a fudgy frosting. It came from one of my favorite blog, Smitten Kitchen. Here's the link for the cake. I need to find a reason to make this layered cake or just because. If you want light cake with intense flavor, you should try this recipe. It was delicious.

This last 2 pictures are of the two items I made for the restaurant. 
VDay_cupcake VDay_macaron

I had planned out in my head that I could finish by 9pm but ended up being done at 10:30 [oh by the way, I started @ 7:30 in the morning]. The extra restaurant stuff put me over the edge. I was so exhausted and my hands ache from all the piping I did. I don't how I survived that day. 

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