Sunday, February 3, 2013

100+ cupcakes Part II

I'm baking up another order for a 100+ cupcakes for a Valentine's function @ my office.  I'm hoping to make up 6 batches, but not sure if I'm making 6 flavors or if I should make a gluten-free version--most people don't like the rice flour version  as texture is too chewy [unless you are crazy for mochi, like me].

This is the menu so far but it will changes as it gets closer
  • red velvet with ganache filling and cream cheese frosting
  • earl grey with lemon curd filling and cinnamon cream cheese frosting
  • blackberry spice with blackberry jam filling and vanilla swiss buttercream
  • chocolate with raspberry jam filling and ganache frosting
  • vanilla with raspberry jam and ganache frosting
  • strawberry with strawberry buttercream
  • coconut with coconut buttercream
  • carrot with cream cheese frosting
  • mocha with ganache filling and  mocha buttercream
  • tiramisu with marscapone frosting
The maybe's are ones that I'd like to try and need to test out. The coconut one as I've been itching to try out the recipe. I hope to better prepared as I have at least of year more under my belt of baking in mass quantities. 

Anyone has a favorite or a suggestions. I'll try and get some pictures as I test. February 13th will be a crazy day for me. Here's my last 100+ cupcakes I did.

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