Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Olie the Cat

nice and peaceful on my lap
I told myself--no more cats. PnC were the best. I would be always comparing the new cat to them. 

But somebody show up at the back door of the restaurant, after some JACK--S threw him out of SUV.  He was super friendly, not like the other cats from the feral colony in the back. He also was getting beat up by the other tom cats. AND he was skinny. 

On top of that it was getting cold out. How would a house cat survive the cold outside?

All the kitchen folks plus my husband [the man who says he doesn't like pets] were telling me to take him. And so that is how Ollie the Cat came to live with us. 

Here's few pictures of the smart boy who keeps us on our toes.

watch the back yard goings-on

Ollie finally let me take a picture of his face
finished up the crocheted basket while keeping Ollie company

He seems to only like water from the faucet

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