Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Random Links: Oops! I forgot to post October 2015

Missed Octobers random links. Here's what I collected:

-if  you haven't made up one, you have to do it. Been loving all of these on FB.

-love this knitting/crocheting project: The Red Scarf project. They deliver valentines gift to forster kids in college. You knit/crochet red scarves to be included in these care packages. 

-guess I'm on charity kick. Just signed up for charity miles, it pays .25 per mile that I walked. I figure since I've been keeping to my walking routine. I might as well get something out of it. This may inspire me to walk more. 

-another charity app that I just started is Donate a Photo because I try and take at least on photo a day during my morning walk and I'd thought what a better way to raise money for a good cause and share my start of my day. Johnson & Johnson donate $1 a day for a donated photo.

-if I make it past 90, I guess doing this would be better than becoming a crazy cat lady.

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