Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Random Links: November 2015

Decide this month's links would be about food, since the holidays are coming fast and furious. Working on a variation on the Lots of Banana Cake recipe from Dorie Greenspan. Adding lilikoi to the cake. It brighten up the flavor but I think it needs more lilikoi and maybe lilikoi curd between the layers. Will post the alterations when I've got it right.
Sliced! Yum!
-going to try this new pie technique from Serious Eats

-want to make your own pumpkin puree. I use the kabocha pumpkin after hear this story from Last Chance Food on NPR during my long commutes to work. Kabocha pumpkin have the very smooth texture and are sweeter than sugar pumpkins. I use the green ones but I've seen the orange ones, but haven't tried them yet. Here's the link to the story from Last Chance Food. And a link from Smitten Kitchen on how to make your own puree. 

-with the pie crust I want to make a version of this pie from the kitchn

-Looking for a great cake for a party during the holidays. This sweet potato cake from Smitten Kitchen is yummy. I used vanilla buttercream instead of the marshmallow frosting because I was taking it to work. Looking for a reason to make this with the marshmallow frosting.

-haven't tried this but it is on the lineup of cakes to try. from Lottie + Doof

-another one in the lineup, guava chiffon cake. from Guava Rose

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