Friday, November 16, 2012

Catching up with things

Wanted to post a few pics that I took recently. Mostly Hurricane Sandy-based as she has become part of our lives.

  Sandy Relief Cowl
This is my finished project for the Hurricane Sandy Craftalong. It's a bandana cowl, pattern from purl bee. I started our making this with some homespun but I didn't like the way it was coming out. So I switched to some gray/brown merino wool I had in my stash. I'm hope this is unisex enough so anyone can use it. 

I made a lime green care label and attached it with a tassel I had. Something bright and happy. Sending it off today. Hope this keeps someone warm. 

Hurricane Sandy care package
My hawaiian care package from cousin to survive Hurricane Sandy. This could feed us for about a month. When I open the box it made me smile, it's been years since I had coral tuna, vienna sausage and pork and beans. Nice to know people are thinking about you.

nor'easter after Sandy

So only fitting that a bush outside my house would look like a cupcake. Here's a picture as the snow [looks like it was just dusted with powder sugar] started to fall from the nor'easter after Sandy. It was wet heavy snow. Thank goodness it was sunny the next day to melt all of it away.

my temp office
On Thursday after Sandy, I had to start working. We had power and internet at the restaurant so I worked in WG's office [most people think it's a closet. it is built above a low refrigerator and you have to climb up a ladder to get in] So much stuff in the office, no real flat area to spread out plus you can hear and smell the goings-on of the restaurant all day, let alone everyone knocking on the door looking for WG. Someone asked me to take a picture of the inside of the office to see how small it was. There was a total of 3 laptops, 1 ipad, monitor, and printer [plus a fan to keep you cool from all the heat these machine give off, that I had to turn off when I was on a conference call cause it the sound it would make] in this small space. It's surprising i survived 1 day in this office, let alone 2 day. 

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Karen said...

April, thanks for sharing that Hurricane Sandy Craft-along. I managed to send 3 hats and a little neck warmer. No photos of any of them--boo! But it felt good. Your cowl is beautiful and I love your tag. Much fancier than mine. Glad things are getting back to normal for you!