Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Got myself . . .

A big monitor-viewsonic 2450 to use when I work from home. The small laptop will make even blinder [if that is a word] than I am already [and that is very blind]. Need to rearrange furniture to make it work better. Maybe that will be my thanksgiving day fun. 

I've been try to post as much as I can without boring you folks to death. No new recipes as of recent. Will revist the sweet potato doughnuts again. Seeing some friends that i know will enjoy them. Have been aching to try homemade fluff for my nutella rice crispie treats. Just don't have the time to make it up. Found the recipe about a  year ago from Hopefully this long weekend I'll have the time. 

Finally I just made my appointment with my eye doctor for my yearly visit. Need to glasses for sure. I think I've given up on contacts for good. Will use up what I have and that's will be the end of my contact life [I think, I been trying to do this for the past 5 years]. Thinking of getting some prescript sunglasses instead. I'm hoping my eye doctor has some big dark frames that I've been loving recently. Like the Crosby from Warby Parker

I guess if I don't find something I like I can order frames from Warby Parker and get the lens from my doctor. Warby Parker has a free try-on program--5 pairs/5 days. Maybe I'll try this out.

Here's an update to the monitor, it has arrived but now I still need a cable to hook it up. Why does these things have to be so hard. I'll be off to best buy today [need to avoid the crazy black friday crowds]. I hope they have it. 

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