Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I've gone pickle crazy

this past weekend. On top of the pickled veggie slaw and made a batch of Pickled Carrot Slices from NYT that a friend sent me the recipe to try.


Here's the brine cooking up. Dried chili, coriander, bay leaf, star anise [it was suppose to be cloves but I didn't have it] and the green garlic/scapes are the spices. I used the purple and yellow heirloom carrots I picked up at the farmers market from Canal Farms.

Kind of looks like pickle mango from Hawaii.

Here's the finished product. The purple carrots tinted the brine this reddish purple color.  These pickles are a little sweeter than slaw. It smells great when you open the bottle from all the spices. Thought it may too spicy from the dried chili but it wasn't. Made 2 pints. 

The eggplants in the background I also picked up at the farmers market from Pop's Farm. They had all kinds of colors and shape of eggplants there. The girl at the register told me the lavender ones are most mild. I do love my Asian purple eggplant [sliced and pan fried and topped with lemon shoyu], so as a good foodie would do, I picked up a couple of both types to make up a batch of baba ganoush. Stay tune for some pictures.

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