Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Summer Vacation: Part 3--Garden of the Gods

I thought I posted this weeks ago. Oh well, here you go.
See those people looking up at the top of the left path: there's a rock climber going up there

Our last full day, we started out driving south from Estes Park to Garden of the Gods--about 2-3 hours. As like the rest of the trip, no planning had not happen and we were just kind of winging it. I just entered "Garden of the Gods" into my google map app and off we went. Drove past Boulder--tons of cyclists in both directions.

Got to the park visitor center right around lunch time. Out goes the diet and it was chili dogs for both of us. We finished up just in time for the movie about the park--nicely done. Really worth the $5. And I assume that how they make their money to maintain the park, since the park is free. 

Now we are down from the mountain and it is hot and dry. Of course I forgot to put on sunscreen, my hat was somewhere in the car and no, we didn't bother to bring a bottle of water. I think we were too excited to be lucky that we got a parking in a packed parking lot and those red rocks were calling out. 

After the park we were going to Pike Peak but we found out it would take 3 hours up and back and we were spent. We went to a historical castle in the town of Manitou. We basically ran through that because we were too tired stop and read all the description. It's a nice town probably worth a stop and roaming around. But it was pack with holiday crowds and we just wanted to get to the hotel and rest up for our early (extremely) morning rise to catch our plane back home. 

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