Friday, June 27, 2014

For the Plant Whisperer

The Plant Whisper comes for a visit every year with Farmer Joe and they fiddle around in my non-tropical garden yard. One of her favorite things to do is to go to the garden center and look for at the distressed plants to nurse back to back to healthy state for my house. 

This year the racks were bare or with just really dead plants. You have be more than a plant whisperer for those kind of distressed plants.

Anyway, went over to the garden center a couple of weeks ago and the racks were full. Got an Alstroemeria [Peruvian Lily], 2 six-paks of New Guinea impatiens and 3 marigolds for $18. What a deal. The plant whisperer show me the way to bring them back to life.

So for all of you who read my blog and see the plant whisperer, please share these pictures with her [I think farmer Joe would like to see them, too.]. I'd really appreciate it. 

New Guinea Impatiens for my hanging basket and window box
Yellow blooms are coming in on the Alstroemeria
The geranium isn't from the distressed plant rack. From seeds, that PW planted last year
Last but not less petunia that self seeded from last year

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