Saturday, June 28, 2014


Well, I did it again. Read the the direction wrong on the 4 times a charm cardigan. The buttonholes are on the wrong side. Started on the right side (rs) not the wrong side (ws). Knitting talk. Ohhhhhhhhh!

I'm more than half way done and I'm not ripping out. And yes, I only notice it now, when I was admiring my progress. 

I guess there's a reason things I like things hand-made. They have character from the little [and not so little] mistakes. It's destiny that this cardigan will finally end up with buttonholes on the wrong side. It took 4 tries and many years of sitting into my in-progress project basket to become this close to a finish product. 

Hope to take this on my vacation and get close to finish. Got a train ride to get some knitting done. Hope wear it in the fall, so all can come and admire the my buttonholes. 

Maybe I start a new trend of buttonholes on the left. 

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