Sunday, July 6, 2014

I'm melting

Don't know how people do it in FL. I look and feel like hell. My short layered hair, is one big pouf and constantly sticking to my seat. 

For the past 3 day, the elements has gotten the best of me. The bug bites, the heat and humidity would be more than enough for one person but today the sea won, just minutes away from arriving back from boat ride, everything in my stomach became the content of the trash bucket. 

Instead of showing me looking like a mess, here are couple of pictures of my time in the keys.

Bahia Honda State Park. Lots of dry seaweed, not sure what kind, definitely not ogo.
Dinner @ a floating Thai restaurant. The search for good Thai/Asian food goes on.
Enjoying a cold one. The prelude to the full costume.
Guess Who?! We were the only people on the beach except the cleaning crew. I was so happy.
Path to the old bridge
Beautiful morning sky! View from the bridge.
Clean and extremely warm water. 83 degrees.
Got to go. Losing internet connection. 

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