Friday, July 18, 2014

Who plans a vacation to Florida in July?

Captain Wheatgerm! Because he watched all the seasons of Dexter in a 3 weeks and he thought it would be a good idea. Not expecting hot and humid weather like Thailand and bugs, bugs and bugs. Thank goodness they didn't only bite me and Captain Wheatgerm had his fair share. As he should since he booked and planned this trip. 

This is my last post of our vacation. I finally got into an album on flickr:

If I've bored you to death already with the pictures, here's a couple of highlights from that album that you haven't seen yet. 
Auto Train Sleeper car
Auto Train
Overall, the Auto Train was fun. Sleeper accommodations were fine for a night or two. If you don't expect the Oriental Express then it is great. I would most definitely do a long distance train ride again. Maybe Chicago to Seattle?

Sleeper beds
Our beds opened up
Bed were okay. Bottom bunk was suppose to be a double bed. But there is no ways, Captain Wheatgerm and I could do that. Bathroom/Shower was a laugh. Like all the reviews I read, you are basically showering in the toilet. Just make sure you wipe down everything after a shower and you are okay. 

The morning sky
morning at the beach
With the thoughts of a refreshing dip in the ocean, the morning when we were at the beach, the water temp was 83ยบ and it would have been more like a hot bath. So just my feet got the dip.

Purple Gallinule
Looks like the bird from Up
Ahhhh! The air boat ride. It was the coolest I felt in FL minus being indoors with AC at full blast. There were so much wildlife to see. It was really fun. And the driver Randy was great.

Alligator got something
We even got to see raccoon on a rain detour. It's not a real long ride but fun. It's on the Tamiami Trail. Wish we had known because we would have gone west instead of east that day.

From the Atlantis Exhibit
Shuttle Atlantis
Kennedy Space Center is a must if you are nerdy designer type like me. Actually, most people would love it. It's an whole activity. They let you bring your own food and that's a most definitely a must cause the food is pretty pricey. They even have lockers to store your stuff. The guides there are very informative. I loved, loved, loved the Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit. So cool, lots of interactivity. 

On to the sleeves
Almost done!
And yes, I made great progress on my Lodi cardigan. I'm now on the first sleeve. I hope to finish before summer. Just in time for the fall season or summer in my office.

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