Saturday, June 7, 2014

I hope it's in my blood

Just a quick post about my garden. A while I was asking my dad about my grandpa--his dad. He passed away before I was born. He's always been a mystery to me. He told me about vegetable garden and the gobo (burdock) he grew. 

Well, I'm not that stage in my garden life. But I am having a few success what I've growing from seed my lettuce, Swiss chard, cucumbers and soy beans are comind up. And my haricot vert beans are blooming. But these green onions I'm totally impressed with. I started the last summer into fall from cut bottoms from the restaurant and they lasted all winter till I harvested this morning. Not bad for an amateur. Hope farmer Joe will be impressed.

The plant whisperer maybe impressed with what I picked up from the distressed plant rack. 2 6-pack of impatiens and Peruvian lily. 

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