Monday, May 25, 2015

Okano Day

I named this past Saturday as Okano Day as a day of food and fun with my parents at my house. My cousin M, her husband T, daughters A, L and T plus her mom and dad, my nephew T and his girlfriend S, and family friends P and P round the cast of characters for Okano Day.

Time sped by like a quickly with perfect weather, great food [which we forgot to take pictures of] and great company. And we all survived in one piece. 

This is our Okano Day menu: 

Momofuku Pork Shoulder
Mom's famous corn beef hash [she brought her own Libby's can corn beef from Hawaii]
Mom's famous nishime [made her make it with chicken]
Mom's famous Mac salad Hawaii-style
M's Crockpot Lentils
P & P's Thai Beef salad
T & S's Guacamole
My Roasted Tomato salsa
Kale salad

Earl Grey Tea Cake with lilikoi mousse and lemon buttercream
T & S's Summer bars
Crazy amounts of really great fruits--especially the muscat grapes and many different varieties of berries

Here's a couple of pictures I remembered to take. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and had enough to eat. Whoever was left at the end, took a bag food home with them. 

The start of great things to come
Patience is a virtue when it comes to pork shoulder
Waiting, waiting, waiting
Batch 1 of my summer roasted tomato salsa.
Only picture of the cake with one of the princesses
Princesses A and L with nephew T and girlfriend S in background
Too much commotion to get everyone to look in your direction

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