Saturday, June 6, 2015

How does my garden grow?

All dress up in my gardening clogs
Pretty good considering the up and down temps, rain and my late start. But I'm keeping my hopes up with little seedlings coming up my garden. Thinking of getting a couple more plant to put pots to round out the line up.

So far the weeds are doing the best. Tons of wild strawberries in the lawn. They are green so I leave them. The berries are much bigger than last year, maybe they will taste better. 
wild strawberries growing on the side of my veggie garden

Wild strawberries amongst the clover and grass. Hopefully my grass stay the primary land owner.
my strawberry fields
This beautiful weed popped up in my veggie garden and I'm not sure what it is but at the moment I don't have the heart to pull it out. I got an app to take a picture of the foliage to identify it but I need to take the picture with a white backdrop. Something I carry around in my pocket. Maybe one day, before it becomes a tree.
Not sure what this is but it's so beautiful
There are a couple of plants I had some concerns with. I got excited when the weather got warm and I put my potted indoor plants out and nearly killed them with heat. I was so concerned about my geranium. All the bottom leaves brown and fell off. I moved it to the back steps [much more shady] and I think it is happier there. It is even blooming again.
yet another bloom
Even the restaurant plant [not sure what it is] is much happier now. 
More leaves are coming in
The potted plants on my front steps are happy. I hope I can keep them that way. The alstroemearia looks so beautiful and continues to bloom. 
third year in a row from the distress plant rack
The plant whisperer did it again with this geranium. Blooms coming in. Everyone should try her technique and save these plants. They are usually 50% off and most of the time, they are usually just dried out a bit and need to be re-potted and feed. So worth it. I'm a believer.
A bloom coming in
My chives came back this year and looking great, even with the winter we had. 
I can make some ranch dressing with this
I kept my thyme inside this year. I did okay, wasn't the happiest but it really loves the front steps now. Looks great. I already used it on chicken for my lunch.
Happy thyme! 
And my veggie garden. I thought nothing was coming in but couple of days before my parents went home, it got a warm and the seedling popped up. 
manoa lettuce
Carrots and swiss chard are coming in, too. Keep your fingers cross that keep growing for me. I'm so excited. 

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