Friday, June 19, 2015

A Gathering of Random Links--06.2015

I decided post a monthly gathering of random links. Just stuff that I found interesting, wanting to try out or share. 

 -because of my fascination with koji. A preview of a documentary on sake making via 

 -crazy playground! Love that is made with it all kind of stuff via 

 -looking for something to do with my chives. These look good, maybe I'll give it a try to share with my friend I'm visiting this week. via 

 -I haven't tried this tomato sauce but have read many post about it. I've tried a similar on that is done in the oven via 

 -and here's the one made in the oven. The polenta is delicious, too. via 

 -washi tape and its history. Got this link from 

-love these artist from 
-Love the use of the all the patterns and color palette 

-the needlework is beautiful and how it becomes out it's space 

-I want to see this in person. I would love to see it being made.

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