Saturday, July 11, 2015

Will my Garden Grow?

Or not so much. Kind of slow, almost like it teasing me. The trees are much taller this year in the yard and my little veggie garden doesn't get as much light as the year before. Need to figure out what I'm doing wrong.

This is my garden so far. Most of it planted with seeds this year. May have to move my garden this fall.
almost ready to pick
first harvest
Just watch a video from the The Rusted Garden about spraying it with epsom salt. May try it. His garden was so lush and beautiful. Wish my garden looked like that. Here's the link to cucumber maintance:
kirby cucumber, needs a little help
manoa lettuce
Got the garlic chives from one of the chefs at the restaurant. She also gave a tomato, basil, mint and chiso. Have that in front of the house.
garlic chives
This was a last ditch effort with seed to see if I would get something. I just threw a bunch of seeds in a couple of pots and this is what I got. Going to transplant the flowers this weekend.
dill,  zinnias and pompom flower

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