Sunday, July 12, 2015

From my front steps

A friend of mine loaned me his digital camera to get some shots of food from the restaurant. Been also getting shots of my garden. These are from my front container garden. Several from the distressed plant rack while the plant whisper was visiting.

alstroemeria keeps blooming
This geranium looked pretty bad when pick it up at the distress plant rack. Plant Whisper worked her magic repotting and adding some coffee grounds. It's been beautiful every since. I think it like living near the time and sage.
pink gerainum
new blossom
Another distress plant rack find. Love the purple flowers. 
purple penta
penta close-up
Just got this from the chef at the restaurant, Red shiso. She told me that vietnamese use this with grilling beef. Here's a link I found about vietnamese herbs: 
red shiso

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