Saturday, July 25, 2015

Pickled Veggies and Trying to Take to a Better Shot

Starting my prep on the red and yellow carrots
My first pickles of the seasons. Finally got out to Rutgers Garden Farmers market last Friday. Chickadee Creek Farms had some red and yellow carrots, fennel and beets. All my favorites. I decided to make Smitten Kitchen's pickled veggie sandwich slaw, the carrots will go great in this recipe. I've made this several time with great success, I posted about it here. I also thought this would be a perfect recipe to practice shooting with the borrowed camera. I hope I'm getting better. I need to start applying it to the restaurant shots.

This slaw is great on sandwich, salads or straight out of the jar. Makes a great homemade gift. I'm sure they will be impressed. The hardest thing to do is chop up the veggies. You could use the food processor. I love chopping veggies. 

Both the red and yellow carrots were very sweet.

The inside of the reds are orange
Veggies for this batch: red, yellow and orange carrots, celery, fennel, kirbies and red onions. I've used peppers and sugar snap peas in previous batches. And I'm sure radishes would also be a great addition. This is my favorite part of making this recipe. I love prepping the veggies. Sliced thin, and julienned. 
all the veggies prepped
Now the veggies are prepped, I stuffed them into jars. I layered the different color veggies for prettier presentation. 
Love the look and flavor of this pickles
one from the top
The cooled brine added. Now I have to wait. It's will be ready in a hour but it is much better overnight. The mustard seeds makes this brine so good. I added some coriander seeds to this batch. So worth a try. 
now to wait!

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