Friday, July 17, 2015

The Saga of Dirty Mugs in the Sink

Been fighting the fight of dirty mugs in the office sink. Tried to do it the right way opening a ticket for a sign to let people know that clean up after themselves and put their dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Yes, my crazy new office has a dishwasher and still have dirty dishes in the sink. We even have dish detergent and sponges to hand wash you dishes.

The first few times that it happened, I let it go. I figured they didn't know better even though the dish detergent and sponges are right there next to the sink. 

One MONDAY morning, this is what I walk into. 6 dirty mugs, 2 of them didn't even make into the sink and a disgustingly dirty paper towel. So I walked back to my desk, grab my phone to take a picture and open a ticket with facilities for a sign. 
The dirty paper ended up down the drain. And yes, I had to clean it out

Got a response back that a sign will be put up. I felt good. Then the next morning this is what I walk into. 

coffee ring and cup in the middle of the brand new white counters
9 mugs in the sink and 2 more on counter
One of the mugs had some mystery fluid in it and had been there since the day before. 
mystery fluid, nice!
coffee splatter in ice machine shield

Sent these pictures to facilities again. Their manager was really pissed off. He's a big guy with a loud voice. I wouldn't want to get yelled at by him. 

So eventually a sign went up [took a while to go up] and that very day it went up mugs still appear in the sink after lunch. 

So this is what I did. Princess Hot Flash to the rescue. I made my own sign to stating the obvious in a graphic so everyone can understand. I really don't know who they think will clean up after them. We don't have a maid or Mom on our floor!

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