Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Grand Tetons

My vacation pictures are all uploaded to flickr acct. Now I just have to edit the massive amount of pictures that WG took.

Here's link to my yellowstone pictures

I'll put up my link to the Grand Teton pictures with my Arches preview.

Back to the vacation preview. I've been trying to post this but it is taking me so long. I'm trying to remember what we did and where we went. I know, I know, I should have done this sooner.

Day 3
After Old Faithful, we started south to our next hotel in Alpine, WY (south of Grand Tetons NP). There was a lot of road work being done in both parks, so it took us a while to get to out or in to the Parks. But the closer we got to GT NP, the more we could see the beautiful mountains. We had to make a pit stop.

Colter Bay Village was our first stop in GT NP to get a map and ask if there was a better viewing spot to take some picture. Well, we sure got one. The range pointed us to a picnic/beach area off one of the parking lots. And there they were, SO BEAUTIFUL! Even with clouds rolling in.

view from the swimming area

I was laying on the pebbly shore (no sand) while WG was taking his pictures. The rocks were warm by the sun and it was perfect for a short little cat nap.

We tried to hit as many spots on the way through the park since we really didn't have that much time there. Most of it, were beautiful mountain views--we couldn't get enough of them.

Finally, we got to the hotel. On their website, it said the hotel was close to the park (or we thought it was). Maybe it is to people in WY it is because everything is so far apart. Oh well, the room was big and quiet and they had a great restaurant at the hotel, that served the most delicious ribeye steak. I guess it makes up for the long drive.

Day 4
Our full day in Grand Tetons. I'm trying to keep these description short but it's not that easy when you have jam-packed days. Our first stop was to the Chapel of the Transfiguration and Menor's Ferry. The chapel was a tiny building position perfectly with the mountains behind it. Inside, behind the alter was a picture window that you could see the mountains. This sure would make it easy to sit and listen to a service. Here's a picture of the chapel and the mountains.

Chapel of the Transfiguration

Most of the hike are quite long but we were able to squeeze a hike to Inspiration Point. We took the ferry across Jenny Lake, then upward to Inspiration Point. Here's a picture of me (in my silly hat) going up.


We really didn't plan our time in Grand Teton well. We should have packed a lunch to eat when we got to Inspiration Point but we didn't. We instead ate at Signal Mountain Lodge, sat on the deck with the view of mountains and the lake. Here's a picture from inside of the Signal Mountain Lodge restaurant. Pretty nice.


Signal Mountain road was close, so off we went to Cunningham Cabin. This is where one of the homesteaders lived. The view was amazing but very remote, even now. While we were there, 2 bisons trotted by to the parking lot. They seemed to be in such a hurry. I don't know where they were running to.


The mountains view from the Cunningham Cabin


One of the bison trotting towards the parking lot.

We decided to make our way back to the hotel as we had a full day drive tomorrow. We made a couple of stop on the back to Alpine. We stop at the National Museum of Wildlife Art. It is a beautiful place with incredible pieces. They must have incredible benefactors.

The next stop was Dairy Queen to have our first blizzard with butterfingers. Even the counter boy laughed at me when I told him I never had one.

After that we stop by the town square of Jackson. WG went out to get a few pictures of the square and the antler arches.


One of the statues outside of the National Museum of Wildlife Art


One of the antler arches in Jackson

One more preview to come of Arches. Hope you like it.

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