Saturday, July 18, 2009

preview of my vacation pictures

I'm sitting here on a beautiful day, uploading my vacation pictures. I found a faster way to get these upload instead of my pokey computer. I'm using WG's PC and it's like lightening compared to my slow little MAC (need to upgrade--maybe next year). But I want to give everyone a preview of a few of my favorite pictures and places we visited.

Day 1
After driving up from Salt Lake airport, we enter Yellowstone around 4:30pm, drove north towards Mammoth Hot Springs. This is from the upper terrace @ MHS as we made our way down the broadwalks. Lots of bubbling pools, steam, limestone deposits and dead trees made the landscape have a great eerie look (would have been better without the beautiful blue skies)

pools and steam

Day 2
Up at the crack of dawn, we are off and running in the park by 7:30. Today's adventures takes us through canyon country, lake country and Cody (Buffalo Bill) then back in early evening with the hopes to see animals, animals and more animals. A full day of driving and seeing so many beautiful spots, made it very hard to choose a picture for this day. But a picked one from Artist Point, of the falls.


Day 3

A half day in Yellowstone, then long drive down to Grand Teton NP. It was geyser country today with Old Faithful topping it off. I started feeling ill at Grand Prismatic Spring, chills, cramps and a bad stomachache. WG was a little oblivious to me being sick as he was taking hundreds of pictures. I waited paitently on bench, listening in to all the tidbits of what to see. Bison and bear prints around the spring. Anyway, I made it through with out any incidents--the wait at toilets was a little rough. We went to have lunch near Old Faithful, picked the perfect out-of-crazy-crowd cafeteria--very clean and new. Then we made our way to the visitor's center to see when the next time for Old Faithful to erupt. Our wait was about 1/2 hour. WG found us a place in shade next to a very tall family--everyone in the fall was so tall. They must have thought I was an oopalumpa (sp?). To commemorate my eventful time at Grand Prismatic Spring, here's a picture of it with the bison foot prints.


Then we were off to Grand Teton. I have to stop now. The Closer is on and I want to watch. I'll try and write more tomorrow.

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