Monday, July 13, 2009

my poor neglected garden

As I mention in a previous post, I haven't been paying too much attention to my plants this year. But despite that fact, I think they are all doing pretty well. Here's some pictures:

my chili pepper plant

chilli plant

many little chilis have been popping up. not sure when they will be ready. So far they look too small to harvest.

zucchini plant


Like my chili plant there are many flowers and hope to see some baby zucchini soon. Once we have had too much, it will become zucchini bread.

new grass

new grass

From several years of neglect (allergies for both WG and me) before we got our landscaper guy, our grass go a bit weedy. WG decided we should do something about it. So late spring, with the help of our painter/all-around handy guy, we put in some new grass with the patch grass seed stuff. That's the stuff with the ground up paper and fertilizer with the seeds. It was much more of a ordeal that WG thought. Luckily, painter guy had the forethought to get a rototiller to dig up all the junkie grass, 2 1/2 days later with had most of our back yard and part of front tilled up and spread with pulpy grass seed stuff. With the luck of the very wet June, the grass is doing great. Here's a picture of our back yard in all of it's green glory.

our back yard

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