Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Here's a little teaser of my Switzerland vacation

Just got back from my whirlwind vacation to Switzerland. I can feel I'm going to be very busy in the coming weeks and wanted to share a couple of pictures before I totally get overwhelm with my life again.

Lausanne--View of old town with Lake Geneva in the background.

Lausanne from old town

To our suprise, it was hot and humid when I was expecting coolish weather. We had just arrived after long day on the train, the last connecting train no air condition. We cooled off a bit in our hotel room then off went to explore the " Old Town"--up hill from our hotel.

The storm was rolling in from across Lake Geneva. Just like one those NJ afternoon thunderstorms. 

Storm rolling in

I just want to share a couple of pics to keep you interested. Will try and post more this weekend. Here's one to make you laugh. 

Goofy WG posing for a pic on our evening tour. I don't know why he has these crazy glasses and why he felt he needed to bring the on this trip.

Evening tour 2

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Karen said...

Love seeing your photos, April!