Sunday, December 16, 2012

After the flood . . .

from my clogged drain, I left for NYC with Miss C, for our two audition adventure. 

Here's a little back story on Miss C. From Hawaii, senior in high school, daughter of good friend since middle school. Here for two audition to get into college dance programs. Volunteered my time since vacation time available, had nothing planned and on top of that her Mom and Dad had taken multiple trips up to the Mainland this year. As long as she [Miss C] was okay with it, I was in.

Audition 1: in NYC @ one of the prestigious modern dance company with BFA program with very good university in NYC.

My job was to get her to the audition, wish her luck and pick her up after she was done. Didn't need to wait around as it was all day.  Talk about tough. 

Didn't have anything planned for the day. I figured I'd go to a museum then just walk around. The first thing I wanted to get over to Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner Center. Been want to try it out for a while. Only problem, not hungry, so I got an ice coffee [in the corner of my eye, I see macarons-hmmm, breakfast] and planned out my day. 

Bouchon Bakery must have a good write up somewhere in international guide book as there were tons of European tourist around me, I could hear French, Spanish and Germay being spoken around me. 

My plan for the day was a walk through Central Park to the Metropolitan Museum. Here's a shot from my walk.

On my way to the MET

Lunch at the MET then the special exhibits, [the George Bellows exhibit was great]

Afternoon Sky
On my way back to pick up Miss C., the sky was so beautiful and dramatic. I'm sure this doesn't do it justice.

Knitting in Central Park

I did have some time to kill so I stop to have a drink at a cafe in park and to do a little knitting. It was pretty warm out and great to sit and knit.

Bouchon Bakery Macarons
Then I made a quick stop at Bouchon Bakery for some macarons [chocolate, caramel, pistachio, lemon/cassis, pistachio my favorite as it is missing from the shot]. A little treat for Miss C for her long audition day.

We decided to stay in the NYC for one night to be near to Penn Station so it would be easier to get LIRR very early on Tuesday. 

Audition 2: in Long Island @ small university in a beautiful community 45 minutes by LIRR

This audition was a half a day. Campus nice and manageable. I sat around knitting as the audition was going on. Chatted with a Dad waiting for his son and some of the staff. Got a lot of knitted done in the time. 

Miss C and Tabata Noodles
Once we got back to the city, I suggested we go to get some ramen @ Tabata Noodles. This is her mom family name and I thought it would be fun to send of pic of her in front of the restaurant. 

So this is how I found this place OR this is what happen when you google too much. I some how found my way to a review and it said it was pretty good and on our way to the bus terminal. So why not. We both got a big bowl of Miso Ramen. It was perfect for end to our two audition adventure. Good luck Miss C. I hope you get into the one you want. 
Miso Ramen

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