Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My week off from work

Continued with drainage problems. Been trying to deal with the blockage for a few days and final talked WG into calling someone. So I decide to call this big company that deal with clogged drains. It says it right in their advertisement. Simple, right. Well, they came and gave me an estimate of eight hundred and some odd dollars and need to 2 men.  WG was beside himself--told me to cancel the appointment. I called a friend who is a plumber [but doesn't do clogged drains] and asked if that sounded right. Of course it isn't right but how am I suppose to know I'm. I don't do plumbing and I just wanted a clear drain.

In the meantime, WG wants to try out one more thing. Oh, by the way, did I mention we have a house guest at our house. So while she was catching up on her sleep, we try out his other method--doesn't work and POINT 1: add more water to the blockage. It didn't seem to work. Need to call someone else. Then POINT 2: my house guest wakes up and goes into the shower, I wasn't exactly sure what would happen, but I thought I would be able to handle after she was done. A little bit of cleaning up. Wrong. It was total floodage in downstairs bathroom. Picture this, me shoveling buckets of water into two trash cans like a wild lady. Not a pretty site as I've been cleaning that stupid downstairs bathroom for the past several days. There was a lot of cursing involved.

So to make this long story shorter, finally got a plumber to fix clog. It cost us a 1/4 of what the big company wanted and took only an hour.  At the end of this story and my POINT 3: never add more water to clog and think it won't be worst that it is and don't call that big company they only want to suck you dry in your wallet not you drain.

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