Monday, December 31, 2012

Knitting away

this fall into winter, just been in the mood. I guess I picked patterns that have kept my interest and can withstand my constant stopping and starting due to my crazy schedule. I wanted to show off what I've gotten done. Still need finishing and block [blah!] but I'm still pretty happy of my accomplishments.

Romney Wool Hat
Got this wool from the NJ sheep and fiber festival this fall. It was from a local farm-Black Walnut Farms, that hand spun and naturally dyed yarn and it passed the itchy test. I figure it would make a great winter hat to keep WG head warm. This is the Big Rib Thank You hat from purlbee. 
rommney wool hat

Bandana Cowl
You've all seen this my Hurricane Sandy donation Bandana cowl. Looks so nice, I had to make one for WG. I love my bandana cowl my sister made for me last year. This is another pattern from purlbee
Sandy Relief Cowl

Koigu Shawlette
My crazy colored Koigu shawlette. I feel in love with all the bright colors of the yarn that I had to make something for myself. Great accent piece for me as I tend to wear lots of black and gray. Got the pattern from Knitty, it's called Afternoon Tea Shawl. Here's a shot of it pre-blocked. Hopefully will get it done tomorrow. Will post more pictures once blocked [and hopefully they don't give anyone a headache].

koigu shawlette

And a close-up the pattern. 
close-up koigu shawl

Red Cowl
Secret christmas gift that seems late but she's arriving today on New Year's eve. So I'm right on time. Great pattern for me--kept my interest and the pattern looks difficult but it wasn't. It's from the current issue of Knitscene, Maryse Cowl. Hope she can use it. It's a winter wonderland where she's going to be going to next week. Burrrr! Maybe I can get a picture with it on her.

I know, I know what a suck-y picture. [I'm still trying to get use to this new camera]
Red cowl blocking

This close up of the pattern is a little bit better.
close-up of cowl

Lace Ribbon Scrarf
Still working on this one. Another secret gift but for sure this is late. Got the yarn last May on my venture to the Lion Brand outlet. Like the drape-ness of the yarn. Light enough for the cool days in a warm climate. Pattern from knitty, finally got the hang of the pattern and it's repeats. I was struggling with it a bit, that what happens when you put it down too much.
Ribbon Lace

Ribbed Cowl
Because I get bored easily, here another on that I'm working in tandem with Ribbon scarf. Got this beautiful yarn from the NJ Sheep and Fiber festival this October. It's from Taylored Yarns and it is so soft. This is one of the few times I knew immediately what I was going make with this yarn, the Ribbed Cowl from purlbee. It was so beautiful and looked easy enough to not make a mess of it. So far, so good!
ribbed cowl start

Blue, brown and beige hat
Been trying to make something with this yarn for a while. Started a swirl hat last year, frogged. Tried a rippled crochet pattern, frogged. I finally decided on something simple and easy to get it done. I think the problem is the colors and the pattern it makes, it's not my usually colors, I got it as a gift. But the wool is merino and is knitting up really nice. I think this may become my winter hat this year.  
blue, brown and beige hat

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