Tuesday, May 27, 2014

And more cake . . .


This one I've been dreaming of since I got Baking From my home to yours by Dorie Greenspan. And I finally got to make it for a belated birthday celebration for my Mom and my cousin's daughter "A". 

It's called Devil's Food White-Out Cake. 3 layers of devil's food cake with marshmallow frosting and cake crumbs all around. Of course, my cake doesn't look as good as the one on the cover but it looks pretty good.

I found my 8" pans--I guess Dorie really likes that size. I was about to buy some when remembered I had pair. Here's a shot of the finish cakes resting. It has 3 kinds of chocolates, cocoa, bittersweet and semi sweet. Very Chocolate-y. And yes, you can see them on in the cake. I think they should have melted but how bad is it to have a bite of semi sweet chocolate chip.
resting before getting dressed up
Now for the frosting, egg whites, sugar, cream of tartar, water and vanilla how can you go wrong. It wasn't super intense sweet like a marshmallow. Which I was worried about. It was perfect with the intense chocolate-y-ness. 
Probably could have been beaten a little longer

The assembly
I had to split the layers into two, then crumble one of the layers for the decoration. This is my kind of layer cake, not have to worry how the frosting looks on the cake. I could hide every thing with the crumbs.
Not to self: MORE frosting between the layers
all covered, waiting for the crumbs
Now to chill and wait for the party
The Belated Birthday Girls plus assistant candle blower

Things that I should have done:
  • frosting needed to be stiffer
  • made the crumbs finer
  • added more frosting in between the layers
But overall, it was a beautiful an delicious cake. I think the frosting would have been better on the day it was made. I would have had to wake up at 5 to have that happen and I wasn't in the mood for that craziness. Great birthday cake--feeds about 15 people. We had brought some home with us so WG could have a slice. 

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