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Who doesn't love a good layered cake. It has the right amount of icing to cake ratio, especially when it's a great buttercream, swiss is my favorite. I've been making plans to make a cake for my birthday. Something that I never made. Something a little bit fancy. I even made a pinterest board for it. 

But instead of pinning, I've been thumbing through Dorie Greenspan's Baking From my home to yours for some ideas to what to make. I've been eyeing the cake on the cover for years and I was just about to get all the ingredients together but guess who comes bearing berries, berries and more berries.

Well, in my initial research for my birthday cake, I kept seeing beautiful examples of white cake. And I had egg whites waiting for me to make something with it. Then I just happen upon white cake recipe in Dorie Greenspan cookbook--I think it was called Perfect Party Cake. I guess it was destiny. I had the jam--mixed berries that I just made up with some of the berries.

So the plan was made: Layered white cake with mix berry jam and fresh strawberry filling with lemon swiss buttercream. 

white batter
As things goes with me, I usually have to adjust my initial plan a bit because I'm missing something. This time I didn't have the right pan, 9" instead of 8". 
too late now, already baked
There was a lot of prep of ingredients to get this cake to become a layered cake. From getting the butter and lemon juice ready for the buttercream, slicing the strawberries and mixing up the jam for the right spreading consistency. 
yes, this is the amount of butter for the buttercream
And the buttercream. What can I say but I love swiss buttercream and this lemon buttercream recipe is so light and delicious. 

Remember when I mentioned that I 9" pans instead of 8". When this why you should read the recipe well before you start. Cake layers a little this, but still was able to slice in half.
Not too bad!
But I barely had enough frosting for the cake. And see the dribbles of jam on photo above, well it mixed into my beautifully white buttercream to become pink-y. 
At least mix berry jam goes well with lemon buttercream

I aded a crown of strawberries and blackberries and brought it in to work on my birthday. Hope everyone liked it, I did. I'll definitely make again with more buttercream.
first slice out for someone breakfast--hey! It has fresh fruits in it

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