Friday, May 30, 2014

Spring is here!

But not. We got some flurry and a little dusting on the bushes and cars. Haha! what a tease. 70s on the weekend then a blast of cold air. Thank goodness I was way too lazy to do anything in the garden. 

My indoor garden is so-so. My sprouted onions seems to be very unhappy. May put it outside this weekend to see if they will do better in. My romaine lettuce, started from a bottom, seems to be holding it's own. Not the best looking head of lettuce but okay. And my geraniums, started from seeds that my Mom toss in a pot, are still going.

- - - - - - -

I'm back. It's probably more than a month since i started this post and Spring is really here. The forsythia, cherry blossoms and daffodils have come and gone. And now it starts allergy season in full force. My car has a pale tinge of pollen green. Sneezing and itchy eyes are my morning wake up. Trying to be very diligent at taking care of my sinuses to avoid problems down the line. Ahaaa! Spring!

My indoor garden is in very bad shape. My onions and lettuce are done. I think they got fed up living inside. Oh well, I tried.

- - - - - - -

I keep not finishing this post because I didn't get any pictures of my garden. I finally planted seeds, a little late--a week after Mother's day. Here's picture what it look like last week.

Green stalks closest to you are green onions from last year and I don't know how they survived this past winter but they did and looks even better than last year. Haricot Vert seedlings from my Chef T and my garlic looking good. I planted cucumbers, swiss chard, manoa lettuce and soy beans. Everything seems to be sprouting except the cucumbers, may have to try again. And some critter is digging in the garden. I know it's those squirrels. 

No flowers planted yet, Only bought a planter of petunias from the market because it was on sale. Hope to plant some zinnias seeds and some marigolds this weekend. Better pictures to come.

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