Saturday, August 2, 2014

Besides hanging out with a crazy pirate

I've been catching up with friends. Lots talking, art and food involved. 

On a recent summer Friday, [one of my favorite things about working in publishing is our summer Friday schedule] I spent the afternoon in the city with a friend to see some exhibits and finally getting over to the High Line.

Perfectly Blue Skies
It was beautiful day, we had great weather, perfect for walking. I got to PA early [early bus was late and I was early], so I got to people watch. And then I saw him, long hair, kind of crunchy in a burgundy tunic, puffed 3/4 sleeves, belted at the waist and stripe cropped pants and sandals. 

I was confused. The outfit was too coordinated and a little too puffy to be crunchy hippy enough to go with his head and face. Especially belted waist and the stripping of the cropped pants that coordinated with the tunic. And not drag enough because of the un-fabulous color and material choice[ kind of reminded me of a taffeta prom dress from the 80s]. I guess he was as confused I was [sorry, no pics. I'm not to quick at the draw with taking pictures]. 

Well, I shouldn't  make fun of how people dress and I really wasn't making fun of the crunchy guy, he just really confused me. Just not expecting that look.

And this is perfect transition to my first stop, the lingerie exhibit at FIT [Fashion Institute of Technology]. If you love looking at fashion and are in the NYC area, FIT exhibits are great and free [and on a hot summer day, great air condition and clean bathrooms]. It was a small show--great pieces, lots of detailing. But the only thing, no pictures.

A short walk to our next stop, to see the Tara Donovan's show at Pace. I found a post about her show on The Jealous Curator blog. I love this kind of art. Large, made out of something unpredictable and so beautiful. Two large pieces, both so cool. The show is up till the August 15. 
Reminds me of hudus
close-up of the index cards

looks so puffy and soft

close-up of the acrylic rods

Last stop of the day, The High Line [or that's what I thought]. Be wanting to get to the High Line for a while. It's an elevated park built on the old freight train line on the west of Manhattan. I had a great idea of picking up some food to eat and bring up to the High Line for a picnic with my friend. To my surprise, it was packed with people. I thought people go out to the Hamptons or the shore on Friday afternoon. I know better now. But I think a lot of the were tourist. I will try and get back in the fall. It was really beautiful despite being pack with people. Here a couple pictures. We end up walking through Chelsa Market looking for a place eat [packed again]. End up walking up 9th Avenue and having dinner at The Meatball Shop


I meet up with two other friend this past Wednesday. I hadn't see one of the in 15+ years. We meet for dinner on the upper east side at a restaurant called Tiramisu. It was near by my friend's place and we wanted to see her apartment. It was in a high rise building, she was on the 20 something floor but the building when up to 40th [I think]. She wanted to show us her view from the roof. And what a view!

Looking downtown from the upper east side
Hawaii friends are arriving this week for a short stay at my house. More pictures to come. Maybe some with people.

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