Friday, August 22, 2014

Payment in food

Before I forget, Thank you so much C's Dad for all the work you did at the house. We totally appreciate it. And to C's Mom thanks for loaning out your handy husband on this trip. And one last thank you to C, C's Mom, C's Dad and B for the pillow to calm my hot flashes. It's keeping me at a steady coolish temp throughout the night.

I love to cook for people who love to eat. And I had the perfect house guests for it. 
All of my cooking came about by a visit from CC's Mom, C's Dad and B. They were in town to get C situated with her car and apartment. I asked the very handy C's Dad if he could help me out with a few projects around the house if he had sometime. In payment, I would cook up some meals for them.
C, C's Mom and B were off on an adventure exploring Lambertville, New Hope and Princeton for the day and while C's Dad and I tackled the gym. Pictures of the gym are here. And what we found in the process of the setting the gym up, inspired our dinner for the  night. GRILL! 
This grill was sitting in a box in our garage for I don't know how long.

The menu was ribeye steaks, shrimp, salmon, a giant mixed green salad and green olive forcaccia. I have to admit C's Dad had a lot to do with it. He bought the steaks, cheese, tomatoes, forcaccia and wine. He was the chef for the night. I was the prep cook getting the seafood and veggies ready for the grill. He also prepared this great scampi-like sauce for the seafood. Hmmm, yum. Perfect with good glass of red wine. 
Just the salad was enough for dinner but who's complaining
Right before it was topped with the scampi sauce
this was a great find from Costco
The night before the steak dinner I prepped and baked a caramelize onion, zucchini and red pepper quiche for breakfast. Sorry no pictures. Here's the recipe. This time I didn't sauté the zucchini this time and it still came out great. 

Another no picture meal. Before they left for their adventure in Long Island to get the apartment settled, I promised to make C's Mom strawberry buns [cinnamon bun with strawberry instead of cinnamon]. She had sent me a recipe to try and I didn't like the way the dough came out. So I decide to adapting this cinnamon bun recipe from 

My alterations

  • instead of the the cinnamon layer, spread some strawberry jam about 4oz, 
  • added chopped strawberry, drained about 1.5 to 2 cups, 
  • sprinkled approximate 2T. brown sugar on top, 
  • added approximate 2 t cinnamon. 

This version came out better. Not overly juicy [stained the strawberry helped, I think] and the dough had a better texture than the one before. Used Iamafoodblog icing and it was good not too sweet.
C, C's Mom and C's Dad were back in several days minus B [she had to get back to work]

Made 2 batches of Lilikoi Curd using Ina Garten's Lemon Curd recipe for my visitors.  I used frozen pulp I got at my supermarket. One bag make 6 1/2 pints. It's so delicious. 

The 2nd batch I made a couple of alterations for a stronger lilikoi taste: 

  • Add a little more pulp (1/4 c) 
  • little more sugar (1/8 c) 

All but 1 pint was spoken for. So easy to make. iIf you have lilikoi in your yard [I'm jealous], this would make a perfect gift. 
my bottle!
They left C's Dad with me to work on a couple more house projects--the giant construction trash pile cut up and placed into 21 bags. Yoo Hoo! My house is looking like a house not trash dump anymore.

C's Dad was really working hard--not what a vacation should be. So I would try and take out some kind of appetizer to go with his after work wine. First night, homemade hummus and some veggies from my garden and mozzarella and tomatoes from the steak dinner.

Second night, I remembered I had pick up some goat chops from Cook Campus Farm at my farmers market. Grilled up the chops and served with spicy dipping sauce. 

That's a skewer of grilled garlic
While I was at grilling the chops I decide to use up the tomatoes and and make grilled salsa. I just posted about here. Trying to make the best use of grill time.

For our final meal for C and her parents, I promised to make Porketta from Been wanting to make this recipe, now that I have a bunch of foodies in the house, it was a perfect time. 

I prepped the porketta the night before. My pork loin was too big so that need trimming. I forgot to add the lemon zest. But I have to say it looked pretty good all trussed up. It rested over night and day--C's Dad and I went to the flea market. I got me some vintage Dansk Kobenstyle pots for my jam making. I'll post about those later. 

Stop off at Bon Appetit Fine Foods in Princeton for goodies for a Caprese salad and cibata.

Back from the flea market just in time to toss the porketta in the over to have dinner at a decent hour. Appetizers: my grilled tomato salsa when over well, we ate 1 1/2 containers. 5ish hours later, Tah Dah! Our finished meal.
Caprese salad
right out of the oven
side view
Thought I'd have time to make dessert while were eating dinner--Blueberry coffecake. But just too tired from all the goings-on. I did buy some ice cream bars the day before. But most of us were too full to have that. 

Wow! Long post, lots of food. All very yummy. Hope all this food was enough for all that was done at my house. Thanks again for all your help. 

If you missed out what C's Dad did at the house, here's the post and a couple of additional pics. 

peg boards up for my gardening tools
a macgyver'ed motocycle ramp from scrap wood pile

Hope some of you can try out these recipes. They were all great. Yum!


Alan Amos said...

While the vacation was a semi working one, the food reward was well worth it. Between your cooking and all the killer meals at Cafe Bua I was a happy camper. Although, I'm still trying to shed a few pounds :)
Thanks Much!
C's Dad

lazy baker said...

Thank YOU for ALL these years of hosting us for K&C's travels and school. All the yummy food was a bonus! Will make deliveries to your Mom this weekend.

K&C's Mom