Monday, August 11, 2014

It only took a year . . .

We finally got a working gym at the house. This has been a year of in-progress--with a giant lull during the winter. Don't get me started about on the big lull--that would be wasted energy and that person isn't worth. Still has lots to finish up with but at least for now we can work out with the giant yellow weight machine and treadmill [gave the everything an initial scrub after it set up because the lull maker was not so neat]. With the help of my extreme handy friend, C and K's Dad, we were able to put back the giant yellow weight machine with some manual from the internet and us minding the holes [we were so happy that we had all the nuts and bolts].

I'm still cleaning out the space to make room for the motorcycle, storage for gardening and miscellaneous stuff. Will get some wall organizers for the ladders and gardening tools this coming week with the help from C and K's Dad. And then the motorcycle will come in for the winter. WG thinks the recumbent bike can will fit [currently residing in our living room but I have a better space for it] but I think he's out of his mind.

C and K's Dad tightening the bolts
After the test run by C and K's Dad and WG
Took if for a run this morning
If I have any more energy left, I'll give the gym another good scrub and some paint. And hopefully by this time next year, WG and I will be much fitter than we are now. 

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