Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Arches link

As I promised a while ago, here's my link to my Arches National Park photos:

Sorry I took so long I was editing the photo set and adding captions. I kind of stop at the Fiery Furnace hike as it was taking me too long. At the end of the set there are images from Dead Horse Point State Park (Thelma and Louise) and Canyonland NP. You need more than 3 days to do all of these parks. I was wiped out on the last day-1/2 day hike then waking into the very hot sun to see things in the other 2 parks. If you are going to Arches, the first thing you need to do is to go to the visitor's center and sign up for the fiery furnace hike. S10 per person. It is so worth it. You need to sign up in person. You can go with an outfitter but I'm sure it cost more. And one last thing, I don't recommend going in July, so HOT. Makes it very hard to do things. We did very early hikes and evening hikes and rested during the day with long lunches and naps. Here's a few pictures from the park.

Delicate Arch
Delicate Arch

partition arch
Partition Arch

From the Fiery Furnace hike

Dead Horse Point

View from the Mesa Arch Canyonland NP

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