Friday, January 1, 2010

Snowy day adventure

On the snowy new year's eve, I went on a mini adventure with almost famous mountainman into woods of Rutger Gardens.

"oremiah" noodle-eating Johnson
Oremiah "noodle-eating" Johnson, my guide

Spotting an animal tracks
The first thing he spots are animal tracks. Bear? he shout as he points in the prints.

The raging river that we had to cross.

Reflections and leaves
My guide trained me look for sign of danger. Instead I looked for things to shoot with my iphone

Look! Tree. Oremiah explained. Does it have special healing powers? I asked. I don't know, just a tree.

More tracks in the snow, I think those are Oremiah footprints.

Snowny tree
Another tree

Tree grid
Tree Grid

So here's my adventure on New Year's eve after the morning snow. WG got my iphone up and running (as many of you notice from FB posting) and I wanted to start taking pictures with it. If it clears anything up, WG has been quite interested in Jeremiah "liver-eating" Johnson since we came back from Yellowstone this summer.

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