Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's dinner

I made Kombu Maki for New Year's dinner. I felt a little lazy when it was time to start preparing, but I didn't want to start the new year out eating leftovers so I made it. Here some pictures of my meal.

Two of the main ingredients (sorry for the empty packages, decided after I started to start taking pictures):

Kanpyo is dried strips of squash. Not too easy to find in NJ. My mom usually send me it to me. It is sometimes use in a veggie sushi.

Kombu is the dried seaweed that is wrapped on the outside. Not as bad to find in NJ, but the stuff my mom send me from Hawaii is way better that what I find in NJ.

The rest of the ingredients are sliced pork (I used pork shoulder, need a little fat to give it taste and texture), gobo or burdock, shoyu, mirin and sugar.

One Kombu maki
This is one of the kombu maki. The slice pork and slice gobo is inside, wrapped with kombu and tied with kanpyo. A nice little seaweedy package.

All in the pot
Everything in the pot pre-adding the seasoning. Need to simmer in water for a bit to soften it up. Then add seasoning to taste. It was delicious as I remember. This is one of my favorite dishes.

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