Monday, January 18, 2010

On my road to 15 less

Yesterday was the first day to lose the 15 lbs that I’ve trying to get rid of for years. This time I’m doing the logging in what I eat and exercise. I hope it works.

Went for a walk/run for an hour yesterday in the rain. Wasn’t that bad but had big chinese dinner to celebrate a friends birthday that probably negated that exercise. Tonight’s exercise will be ab stuff and light weights and tomorrow I’m walking to the post office at lunch to pick up some flat rate boxes. (40 minutes total)

I think (I know) I to start exercise much more. I wish I could delete (or at least reduce) my stupid long commute. It is very hard to schedule exercise around it. Too bad, I can’t exercise while I drive home. How bad could it be--I could join the rest of the jackass on the road not paying any attention.

I also got an app to log my food and exercise. I was alway interested in my intake. I think I do a lot of boredom eating (stupid mini candies). Especially at work--wish it could be more consistent in busy-ness. A lot of hurry up and wait.

I’ll keep posting as I hope this will play a part in my weight lost.

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