Sunday, June 10, 2012

My NEW Garden Planted

planted garden

I'm taking a break from my vacation post to show you my new planted garden. So far, so good. Flowers are blooming, seedling are growing and no animals have eaten the plants [so far, keeping my fingers cross]. 

Here's what's in my garden: front to back: 2 rows of daikon seedlings, flat leaf parsley [I know there's a big whole between the parsley, may get some green/scallions from the restaurant] , chili peppers, can't remember the name of the flowers, zinnia seedlings, dahlias. 

And these are my new potted plants: 
2 kinds of mint

2 types of mint and pot of chives[old--just keeps on growing year after year]

daisy, stock, sage
Some kind of daisy, old sage plant and stock

I hope I get a bounty of flowers, chilis, daikon, and herbs this summer. Wish my garden luck that I don't forget to water them.

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