Friday, June 1, 2012

What I did on my early summer vacation--Part 2

I guess I did a lot because I'm having a hard time to remember. Oh well, here it goes. Once everyone arrive, we focus our attention on two things, my garden and the birthday party.

My Garden
waiting for plants
Waiting for plants

Both my parents and brother-in-law have great veggie gardens at home. I thought I'd take advantage of their gardening skills and handiness to get a one in place during their visiting. 

So I asked my sister if bil was coming, could he help me set up a garden in my yard. Their garden sounds fabulous and they get lots of veggies and fruits from it. They research it and found a raised garden kit from Home Depot. They brought it [my birthday present, nice!] on Friday, we waited for the cool of the afternoon to start building. And off we [there was 5 of us, way more than needed for the size of the garden] went, building my garden. I think the hardest part was carrying the 9 bags of soil. Here's some pictures of the garden making process.

Bill, Dad and my garden
Bil and Dad sliding [harder than it looks] together

the supervisior
The supervisor

I'm using my garden for mostly cutting flowers, chili peppers and some rotating plants that we can use at the restaurant. First up, daikon (radishes)--I got the seeds from work on earth day [I think?].  I'll post the planted garden later. 

The birthday party will be part 3. More to come.

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